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        The mid-19th century brought more than change to the United States of America. It brought people from all over the world. They came near and far to experience. They went for the opportunity. Whenever you encounter another culture, there will be barriers. Barriers are things you may not understand because it wasn’t a culture that had raised you. Language is usually the first barrier that stands in our way. So, the people that immigrated learned to speak the native language, but some did not. They adapted well into the culture, but they left the barrier up, the one of communication.

        For the longest time, language has been one of our primary forms of communication. Our style has rapidly changed and evolved. We no longer communicate strictly verbally. We talk through tech. Through the social platforms, we use. It’s only an issue because we take advantage of it. How amazing is it that you can meet similar minds across the world? These people would never be in your life otherwise. That is what these platforms are doing. They aren’t separating us. They’re connecting us.

        If it weren’t for YouTube and the internet, would any of you hear Gary’s message? Probably not. Without the internet, Gary would never come into Rosa’s life. Rosa is also obsessed with speed, in fact, they share more commonalities than you would think. “If we understand the power we have today, we can change our situation, regardless of our income level.” Rosa Anguiano-Garcia.

        Rosa hustled and worked to build her business to what it is today. Like Gary, she missed opportunities. The past doesn’t matter, what matters is how we move forward today. We learn from our missed opportunities. It’s almost like a second chance. She built the necessary skills to help the people around her. Today she can use those skills to impact more than just her environment. She can change the world in her image.

        Gary Vaynerhuck released an article called, “It’s the message, not the medium.” Posted last year and you can read it at  Gary gives away so much value, and he keeps winning. Time and time again he keeps winning because he listens. We’ve been paying attention too.

Why your Marketing isn’t working?

        Admit it, you’ve asked yourself why this isn’t working. The answer is sitting in the back of your mind. Your selfishness has been relaxing there for years, and until you confront it, your marketing won’t work. I call this, “What about me?” That’s what we care about, and that’s why your strategy isn’t working. You’re too concerned with ROI. My favorite article by Gary V is from 3 years ago. “What’s the ROI of your Mother?”, Don’t worry. I linked it here.

        When you remove, “What about me?” from your vocabulary, you open possibilities. That’s when you’ll get your message. Look at these mediums as another conversation. I know it helped me. I build great relationships outside of social media. Like many of you, I initially had trouble building relationships in social media. There is no difference. The only difference is how the information changes, according to the Medium.

        A lot of you are worried about fresh content. How do I keep circulating ideas? You need to listen. Your content is a combination of your (Message + Medium) / Environment. Here’s the formula you should use, I like to keep things simple. The environment always changes so even if you have the same message. Your message will change concerning the climate in our world. Understand that all your thoughts are not new. The question is, are you original? The answer is yes because the environment you live in is new, listen to it.

        Keep in mind that the environment is always changing. It’s got more in common with your customers than your business. Use that, we are products of our environment, or we shape it. Social Media Marketing is chaos. Have you ever tried to structure chaos? It’s a nightmare. You don’t need to. You need to listen.


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