How to start the business of your dreams

If you’ve come to this article then you’re likely an entrepreneur or an artist of some kind, you have something in you that wants to create. Creating the business of your dreams is no easy task but luckily we’re here to help. You’ve already created something in your way, by tapping into that power, there’s […]

7 things you should know, to legally protect your business

Protect yourself by ensuring you have the proper paperwork. Otherwise, your business and you will be the same. This means your personal assets are at risk if your business gets sued or can’t pay debts owed. Starting a business isn’t the hard part, sustaining the business is what becomes a journey. You’ve been advised how […]

Making an Entrepreneur

What makes an Entrepreneur? Is it something we’re born with or something we pick up along the way. Being an Entrepreneur is difficult. It’s a full-time job. You’re the employer and the employee. You don’t need school, a course, or some certificate. You need an understanding of the base ingredients and the tenacity to go […]