Mom’s 5 money habits that will change the way you build wealth

Mom’s Money Habits are small changes you can make that impact your money and most of the time other parts of our life. These habits aren’t a breakthrough discovery. They’re timeless, practical solutions to everyday problems.

There’s an old saying that I love that explains how resourceful our Moms are, “It’s not lost until your Mom can’t find it.”

These habits offer an excellent foundation for future habits. If our life is a sum of our programming, then it’s vital that we choose the ones that fit us best.

Mom’s first habit

When it comes to the first habit, time is your main asset.

When you were six, and you scraped your knee, your mom was there to help. She cleaned the wound, put on a bandaid, and kissed it. “Will it get better?” You ask. She looks at you and says, “In time.”

Remember the movie with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, In Time?

It’s a documentary. Time is the one resource we can’t replenish. Once we run out, that’s it but how we use our time is what matters the most.

Money comes and goes, but if you have time, you won’t need to worry.
Time the backbone of our assets. Without time you would have never gained the knowledge to create the life you have today.

In time, all wounds heal. Over time, our problems change.

Everything you own was because you invested time somewhere, whether it be in your own life or someone else’s. As long as you have time you have hope.

Learn to budget your time the same as you would your money, and you’ll find yourself with more of it.

Mom’s second habit

Break up with luck, start dating opportunity. The second habit is a mindset shift, from problems to solutions, negativity to positivity, and adversity to opportunity.

A positive mind doesn’t allow problems to hold them back. A positive mind can recognize issues like a negative mind.

A positive mind is hopeful for overcoming obstacles.

The second habit builds on other habits. A positive mind is optimal because it avoids opinions and obstacles. A positive brain is a healthy mind because crops cannot grow in lousy soil. The same is true for your mindset, and positive energy can’t grow in a negative environment.

When you see the world with a negative mind, you adopt a victim mindset. A positive mind, screams abundance.

To me positivity means find another way.

Mom’s third habit

Dive in. Admit it, at one point or another, you’ve woken up and thought, “I have no idea what I’m doing.” Don’t worry everyone has those thoughts. We are all winging it out here it’s just some are better than others, that’s what I’ve observed.

Diving in is about action. It’s about heavy work. What can you do that you’ve been putting off for the past few months?

What do you know you need to do?
Usually, that stuck feeling has a closer relationship with our imagination than reality. Is there something stopping you or is the obstacle fabricated?

Can you complete your desired outcome without the obstacle?

If you let your excuses stop you, you’ll always have an excuse. You might not be able to complete a whole project or reach your goal, but you can get one step closer. Diving in teaches us that you can always take another action.

Mom’s fourth habit

Build a healthy relationship with money.

Does your money come around once a week? Does it leave you in a better or worse state when you earn it? What emotion do you feel when you spend it?

A healthy relationship grows because of the time invested and so will your money. It can’t develop if you have an unhealthy relationship. An unhealthy relationship is mostly take, with little to no give.

Identify the principles you have surrounding money. What is currently costing you more than it’s earning you?

Have you explored investments, retirement, or different growth opportunities for your hard earned cash?

Mom’s fifth habit

It’s your life, do it for you.

Every one of us has a crystal ball at this moment. In the next ten years, where you will be is determined by what you do today.

Are you setting your future self up for success or are you limiting yourself?

Will your future self become stronger because of the things that you did today?

Bottom line

The habits you choose to keep in your life will determine where you end up. Are you stuck in your current habits? Do you feel like you couldn’t change them, even if you tried? You’re not alone, change is terrifying, but it always brings a glimmer of hope.

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