How to Increase your Income, and change your Lifestyle

Today, generating more income is becoming increasingly available. Today, I’m going to show you how. First, you can increase your revenue, you can also decrease some areas that you’re spending in. If you need to set up a budget, please review our article on how to budget.

If you don’t take care of your spending, increasing your income does nothing.

If it’s so easy to bring in extra revenue, why doesn’t everyone do it? The answer to that question goes beyond this article. Luckily, Rosa Summarized it;

“We believe that a 9 to 5 job is enough. We haven’t learned how valuable our time is while we’re here. Instead of creating extra revenue we are creating extra stress. If we continued to search for our passion and made it work, it could change our situation today.”

Change Your Thinking

Let’s be honest, making minimum wage in the United States is barely enough to get by. Yet why are so many of us comfortable with getting by? What happened to the American Dream? When did it turn into the American Nightmare?

As a boy, I remember picking up aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Picking them off the floor, digging in trash cans, and setting them to the side. Today, you can still recycle for cash, but with the internet, we can now salvage something even better.

Our ideas, your idea may change someone’s life.

It’s perception, either you believe that the world is going to end any moment (which it won’t). Or you think that this is indeed the best time to be alive. Which perception do you think is likely to make any money at all? From a salesman’s point of view, positivity makes the sale. The hardest part of sales is maintaining the positivity while pushing forward.

If you believe that you still have time and are ready to change your life, let’s do it.

Sell Your Time

When you think about it, you’re in a sales position right now. Whether you sell a physical product or not. If you work a job, you’re selling your time in exchange for compensation.

Technically, you’re kind of an expert. You should be the one writing this article.

Okay, maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but I’m just being honest.

Getting another job, even two can help your situation. It just depends on the time you have and how much you’re willing to sell.

What if you don’t want another job? Well, there are other ways to sell your time.

Invest Your Time

If you’d rather not sell, you can invest. You’ve also been investing your whole life.

Look at you and all these skills.

We invest our time in the things we would like to grow. How can you invest your time?

Just like the old Idiom, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Invest your time in finding things that people are;

Throwing away.

Giving away.

Selling at a Garage Sale (which is giving away at a discount)

Then find someone who wants to buy those items. It’s not 1974 anymore, you don’t have to go door to door. Now you can take a few pictures and upload what you’re selling to the internet, i.e., Amazon, eBay, Facebook, please see below.

Gary Vaynerchuk can help you invest with the flip game.

You can write a book, start a youtube channel talking about your interests, or create a supportive community. Investing is spending the time now so that later, you can reap the benefits.

What is currently costing you money?

Shame is one of the costliest ideas you can have. You’re not out there making extra income because you’re ashamed of what people may think.

Shame isn’t real, the reality is those shameful things may be associated with your survival. So which will it be? Are you going to be forced out of your home? Or are you going to do the work that someone else won’t?

There’s plenty of opportunities but not enough opportunists.

Pride is another cost you can’t afford. I’ve seen pride stop men and women from becoming who they are. Just because they couldn’t put their ego aside.

If you can put your ego aside, Pennyhoarder has 50 ways to make money.

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