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This article is why you should have a digital presence as a business. I know it can be hard for a company to justify social media. What’s the return for being on a social platform? One step at a time, right our focus is on why you should be on social media. A digital presence means that you are online, you have created a persona online for who you are. If you’re Marketing isn’t working, please read our article called “Talking Tech.”

Marketing is changing dynamically, and it’s so available that it no longer requires a corporation or a business. An individual can market themselves in today’s age, all through the free social media platforms we use. The question you need to answer, where is your customer’s attention? Ninety-five percent of Americans own according to the Pew Research Center. Seventy-Seven percent of those are smartphones.

Seven out of ten Americans use social media according to the Pew Research Center. Ask yourself with reason, are you going to reach more people by handing out fliers and business cards? Are you going to reach more people through a social platform? I’m not saying to ditch the old ways, not at all. I believe that a particular human touch is necessary for Social Media. That’s something that you can bring to these platforms. It’s not about being disconnected from each other, it’s about finding more ways to connect.

I don’t think we understand how powerful it is, to pick up a phone and reach halfway across the world. Two-hundred years ago, that would be considered impossible. You can work the old way of marketing, and you’ll reach people. But the difference is noticeable. Do you reach more people with your voice or a megaphone? Look at Social media as your businesses microphone, and not everyone is going to listen. If someone needs it, they’re going to hear what you have to say.

Why is it essential to have a digital presence? So that you remain relevant, that’s the truth. Your business will be irrelevant if you don’t have a digital presence. How many people do you know find things in a phone book? How many people do you know, still listen to the radio? Technology has evolved so that we can seek each other, with almost no effort at all.

What Now?

Don’t get ahead of yourself, and it’s exciting it is. To understand the impact you can have on social media. You need to lose that “wow” factor first. Try not to let the technology distract you from how productive you can use them. What good is using technology if you’re just going to mindlessly scroll through the posts? The tools and features are amazing, but you need to ask, how will you use it?

If your purpose is to drive customers, your focus will be on creating content that matters to your customers. Not to your business, not to you, to the people you are trying to give value. That’s why most people don’t understand marketing. I have many great ideas, but that’s just what I think, the market listens and will respond. Listen to your customers.

If you’ve understood this article and you want to build a digital presence, I commend you. It’s not a matter of opinion or perspective, it’s the reality of life. We evolve, we grow, and we move on. Either you develop with the times or your left behind. Check out this article where we dive into what platforms you should use for your business.

If you’re unsure where to start, we can help.

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