Consulting, the job of the future

I find myself continually asking what skills can humans do that robots can’t (currently). Creativity, it’s the human mind you can’t replicate, which makes consulting one of the jobs of the future. 

Think about most jobs during the early 1900s, the majority of those jobs were labor jobs. Working in a coal mine, manufacturing plant, or construction wasn’t uncommon. My grandfather worked on the railroad for most of his life and eventually retired. These jobs ignited the industrial revolution and built the way for the world we have today.

Compare for a second the jobs we have today with the tasks we had then. Not all of them are different; we still work on the railroad, and construction is a significant part of our economy. What about today? We have more artists, freelancers, advisors, and consultants. Consulting wasn’t uncommon in the 1900s, but it wasn’t common for us to pursue it.

What happened? The shift is a slow one but exists. A generation of workers created a generation of dreamers, and one of those dreams came alive. Those dreams created the world we live in today but not without a little help. Consulting is the job of the future, the hard labor and smaller tasks are off our plate, we have time to do what we do best; to think and tackle problems.

What do consultants do?

Consultants solve the problems that you can’t immediately answer. It’s one thing to solve problems, but what about the issues that seem impossible. The human mind was built to tackle challenges; that’s why we’re continually observing. The benefit of consulting is that you’re not hiring labor. You’re engaging the mind.

Consultants solve the problems
that you can’t immediately answer.

When you hire a mind, you’re tapping into the infinite intelligence that is human potential.

When I was in the military, we had a 70% rule. If you can create 70% of a solution, you have enough to present it to the team. Together, the extra 30% is natural.

Consultants allow you to focus on what matters, adapt to obstacles you haven’t encountered, and ultimately get more done every day.

Consider what artificial intelligence is; it’s a cheap imitation of the human mind. I say imitation because artificial intelligence can’t achieve half of what we can. We are already seeing the changes today, Quickbooks Online, automated reports, and communication between systems.

The beginning of what will come to be known as the technological age.

What problems do you have that could impact the profitability of your business?

The human mind

Consider what artificial intelligence is; it’s a cheap imitation of the human mind. I say imitation because artificial intelligence can’t achieve half of what we can. We are already seeing the changes today, Quickbooks Online, automated reports, and communication between systems.

The human mind has two ways of seeing, sight, and insight. Insight is the raw data, what we observe. The human eye can physiologically detect up to 1000 frames per second. The idea is our mind. It’s our perspective it’s our experiences, culture, and traditions we’ve picked up throughout our life. Consultants use both of these to analyze for the best decision.

You do too, but our insight can sometimes get in our way. When we identify the gaps in our idea, we are once again tapping into the infinite intelligence. Understanding gives us the answers, and if we don’t have time to seek it, we can hire someone who does.

Overcoming the ego

Overcoming the ego is the mind’s greatest challenge. Ego is your sense of self-worth, but the ego also focuses on self-preservation. The reason we don’t reach our destinations is because of the things we lose as we grow. The curiosity and imagination both are essential driving forces to belief. If you want to do something you’ve never done, overcoming the ego is your greatest challenge.

At a certain age, we believe that we have all the answers, but we’re adapting to a different environment. I recently started studying the greats who were able to overcome their ego, people like Warren Buffet and Peter Thiel. In Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris, Tim Ferris interviews Peter Thiel and Peter said something that stuck with me. “I know nothing.”

Seeking help can elevate you to the place you’ve never been. Seek advice from those who are where you want to go, once you get over your ego, asking for help is easy.

Tax planning

Tax planning is another job of the future. Tax laws are so dynamic that it would require a new level of technology that we haven’t reached. Deciding between which would be best for someone’s situation isn’t something that’s easily taught. When planning for taxes, the strategy is all that matters.

A tax planner is your best bet because it’s what they do. You wouldn’t go to the supermarket for health tips. You go to a nutritionist. You wouldn’t go to the gym to file your taxes. You go to a tax planner. We have access to different professionals that didn’t exist in the past; let’s use them.

Our tax planners can assist your situation in the best way possible. That’s the thing about taxes. It’s more than just filing them. It takes a different understanding of what your situation is to help you the most. That’s precisely what we do.

Business projection

A business projection can give you an insight into where the businesses headed, but only a trained analyst can tell you why. Understanding of the industry and your specific needs are critical to your business’s success. Projections may one day be automated, but only the labor, I believe that the human connection is still needed.

It isn’t the information that’s valuable, and it’s the consultant. We can get the information ourselves if that’s what we needed. However, the emotion used when discussing your business’s finances is what helps keep your focus. The care given when looking forward to your success is what supports your success.

The problems of the future

We can agree that the problems of the future will be much more complicated than the ones we experience today. It all comes down to variables. In accounting, the right variables can give you answers where missing variables might show you where the problem lays.

Will we experience problems of scarcity or abundance? How will our businesses change over the next fifty years? How will we change the world?

The media is changing the landscape of transparency, and I don’t believe it will ever turn back. The impact you leave is more important now than ever.

However, issues never go away; they evolve.

It’s unlikely that you’ll experience bookkeeping problems. However, issues never go away; they evolve. When you started your business, you learned this. A consulting team can help guide you through the problems that you’re going to have.

Training and teaching

Training and teaching are high-quality skills that will continue into our future — the ability to train high-level skills in others and our ability to teach the unteachable. Consultants are personal trainers for the mind. You seek a personal trainer to help you achieve results that you haven’t yet completed. Maybe you have completed it but times are different, and you haven’t reached the same results. An external push is what you need.

When your not focused on results or problems, you can focus on training and teaching. All businesses can foster leaders in this aspect. However, how much time do you allow yourself for the proper development to occur?

Development takes time, and if you’re not freeing up more of yours, we need to figure out how. The more time you’re spending developing your business, the more it will grow. I know it seems simple, but when we multitask, we always lose productivity somewhere. When we focus, one thing gets our complete attention.

The law of diminishing returns

The law of diminishing returns says that at a certain level of profits or benefits gained is less than the amount of money or energy invested. Automation has reduced our ability to build wealth.

It’s easier to track your money, invest, save, and spend. Because it’s become smooth, money is moving to a digital landscape, and the physical pain associated with a material loss.

Our spending habits change because less pain is associated with the money we spent. On the other end, we feel good when we buy something, even for a moment. The new emotions have lower levels of pain and more pleasure. The result is debt and frustration. Getting out of debt is more accessible than we think, but if we don’t change our habits, we only make a quick change.

The future will bring automation, but at a certain point, it will create problems that replace the ones it solves. When that happens, we will be ready.

Sales in the future

Sales have evolved over the years and will continue to grow into more of a connection. I’m not talking about the advertisements you’ll see on Facebook. I’m talking about high ticket sales. Some sales require a phone call or a meeting in person. The deals that make you nervous and excited at the same time.

Human connection is something that won’t go away, at least not anytime soon. We buy based on emotion and emotions are best translated by us. Sales will become more human as automation creates a divide between the ones that use technology and the ones that despise it.

How you sell in the future might change, but at least you have the power to change it.

What is analysis?

I learned analysis in the military. It doesn’t start with trying to figure things out. It begins with removing the obstacles that stop you from figuring things out. Imagine that your mind is an obstacle course. Littered, through this course, are your beliefs, cultures, and traditions. Even though the wall climb seems passable, what if you could remove the obstacle altogether? It would do two things, clear up your field of vision and move you to your end.

The end isn’t about speed. It’s about understanding when you remove these obstacles. You can look at things objectively and decide the best course. The power behind the human mind, each of us has at our disposal, something that can adapt and change itself.

When you remove the obstacles in your way, a sort of clarity formed, and the decisions come as clear as day. Analysis eventually becomes an unconscious process. To tap into the subconscious mind and use it to grab the answer in the universe, is analysis.

Consulting requires discipline

The best consultants show it in their work because consulting requires discipline. Discipline is another term for skills, and skills need work. Discipline isn’t just in doing one thing consistently. It’s in everything you do. Discipline is all the little things added up over time, every day.

You know you have a great consultant when they show discipline. This shows you that you’re always in their best interests because through their choices, they are making the best ones for you. Discipline is nothing but the choices we make but always making the ones that support our future.

Financially your business needs discipline. This could be the one thing that’s stopping your business from reaching its full potential. I’ve always found that if I couldn’t create discipline, I could get it from someone else.

If discipline isn’t in the picture, your business will pay for it. A consultant is there to help you keep your standards high. Without standards, we slowly slip away from success and end up stopping ourselves.

How will success change

If the environment changes, then the variables must change. How do you think success will change in the future? We see it evolving continuously, and it’s defined only by you. Success in the future is identified by your business’s ability to adapt to different environments. The impact you make will largely contribute to your success and determine the audience you reach.

I see a conscious shift happening, from beyond meat to animal rights, you cannot deny something is happening. We are becoming more aware of the impacts of our consequences and seeking to change them. If your business can stay proactive in a positive change, people are drawn to your business. The right people, the ones that you were looking for all along.

Most of the people you want are trying to change the world, and they don’t know-how. If you’re willing to give them the confidence you have, they will be ready to follow you, how you inspire and impact will matter more than how you hire and interview.

Bottom line

The future brings with it a complexity of unknown problems, but the prepared are the ones that forge the future. Your business is an opportunity to forge this future, with the right team you can stay ahead and adapt in this new environment.

The most powerful thing we have on this Earth is the human mind. If you can find a team that focuses on improving theirs, your business will have no choice but to evolve. Consulting is going to be more prevalent and critical with more complex problems, but I believe that we are more than equipped to deal with them.

If you feel like you’re not equipped, contact our team.

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