Is social media ruining our connections?

Yes, at least that is the easy answer. If it’s social media that takes the blame, we remove individual responsibility. I can tell you that it’s not ruining our connections. If it did anything, it made them better. Around you is a small circle of friends. All of those friends have different interests based on […]

Digital Presence

This article is why you should have a digital presence as a business. I know it can be hard for a company to justify social media. What’s the return for being on a social platform? One step at a time, right our focus is on why you should be on social media. A digital presence […]

Talking Tech

Social Media Marketing         The mid-19th century brought more than change to the United States of America. It brought people from all over the world. They came near and far to experience. They went for the opportunity. Whenever you encounter another culture, there will be barriers. Barriers are things you may not understand because it […]

Making an Entrepreneur

What makes an Entrepreneur? Is it something we’re born with or something we pick up along the way. Being an Entrepreneur is difficult. It’s a full-time job. You’re the employer and the employee. You don’t need school, a course, or some certificate. You need an understanding of the base ingredients and the tenacity to go […]