Twelve ways to optimize your business to build wealth

There are no secrets, hacks, or tricks to building wealth, and building wealth fast is a giant myth. There are ways to optimize your business for future growth or to meet your goal if you want to build wealth fast, serve as many people as possible as well as possible. Otherwise, these twelve ways to optimize […]

Nine reasons why you need a financial life coach

If you’re struggling with your financial situation, don’t worry, you’re not alone, this article will cover nine reasons why you need an economic life coach. We all struggle; the most recent statistics show the majority of Americans living from paycheck to paycheck; we are all missing an education. There are many ways you can earn […]

What you need to know about the essentials of tax planning

It seems like the most important things you need to understand about money was never taught to you. That doesn’t mean it’s too late to learn. If you start today, you can educate yourself and change your financial situation. I know what you’re thinking, “I already have an accountant.” Most businesses who care about their […]

Chase Skills, Not Money

This article will explain why you want to chase skills, not money. Chasing money is an exhausting goal, and shifting your perception around money can help you attract more. The more skills you build, the more money will be drawn to you, just like a magnet.  Money is a tool, and those that bring value […]

10 Tax Secrets to prepare you for Tax Season

 Tax season will be here before you know it, these tax secrets will help you prepare if we prepare our taxes before they’re due we alleviate unnecessary stress. These tax secrets may seem obvious, but it’s how we use the knowledge to help us prepare that gives knowledge value, obvious is only worth it if […]

Learning is the ultimate skill

Learning is the ultimate skill you can acquire. For obvious reasons, the ability allows you to learn anything with it. Imagine you wanted to play the piano, write a book, or start your dream business, but you don’t know where to start. If you obtain the skill of learning, you can do those things and […]

These 3 tips will change how you perceive debt

These tips will change how you perceive debt, but what really stops us? Getting out of debt is easier said than done. Usually, there doesn’t come a time when our liability officially stops. So this article will give you tips on how to alleviate the load when it comes to your financial burdens. Why would […]

Mom’s 5 money habits that will change the way you build wealth

Mom’s Money Habits are small changes you can make that impact your money and most of the time other parts of our life. These habits aren’t a breakthrough discovery. They’re timeless, practical solutions to everyday problems. There’s an old saying that I love that explains how resourceful our Moms are, “It’s not lost until your […]

Recession Proof Your Household

73% of economic analysts predict a recession in the next few years.  This article will help you prepare for the next recession. There’s no way to predict when a recession will happen. We can rely on possible predictors but none are considered reliable. What is a recession? A recession is defined as a temporary decline […]

Is social media ruining our connections?

Yes, at least that is the easy answer. If it’s social media that takes the blame, we remove individual responsibility. I can tell you that it’s not ruining our connections. If it did anything, it made them better. Around you is a small circle of friends. All of those friends have different interests based on […]