Mom’s 5 money habits that will change the way you build wealth

Mom’s Money Habits are small changes you can make that impact your money and most of the time other parts of our life. These habits aren’t a breakthrough discovery. They’re timeless, practical solutions to everyday problems. There’s an old saying that I love that explains how resourceful our Moms are, “It’s not lost until your […]

Unbelievable cash flow tips that can move your business to the next level

Cash flow is king. Today you’ll learn you can maximize your cash flow. If you think your business has a cash flow problem, reach out to a professional before it’s too late. Cash flow is an increase or decrease in the amount of money a business or individual has. Cash flow is a lot like […]

7 things you should know, to legally protect your business

Protect yourself by ensuring you have the proper paperwork. Otherwise, your business and you will be the same. This means your personal assets are at risk if your business gets sued or can’t pay debts owed. Starting a business isn’t the hard part, sustaining the business is what becomes a journey. You’ve been advised how […]

A profit loss statement (P&L) is a valuable tool to drive your business to success

This article will help you breakdown the basics of a profit loss statement and how it can help your business. A profit loss statement allows you, the owner to dissect their financial information and make changes for the upcoming reporting period. A profit loss statement is a financial statement that outlines the income and expenses […]

Recession Proof Your Household

73% of economic analysts predict a recession in the next few years.  This article will help you prepare for the next recession. There’s no way to predict when a recession will happen. We can rely on possible predictors but none are considered reliable. What is a recession? A recession is defined as a temporary decline […]

How to invest: Where do I start investing?

Investing is scary, but it doesn’t have to be. The fear is often misplaced and misjudged, due to a misunderstanding. With all of the tools available to us today, you can invest like a pro. Stocks can change rapidly, depending on your age, you should pursue other forms of more stable investments such as retirement […]

How do you remove financial stress from your child’s future?

If you could give one thing to your children what would it be? Good health, happiness, or would you give them a good future? The best thing you can give your child is financial education. Education starts young What is the proper age to start financial education? We learn at different speeds, and through various […]

Is social media ruining our connections?

Yes, at least that is the easy answer. If it’s social media that takes the blame, we remove individual responsibility. I can tell you that it’s not ruining our connections. If it did anything, it made them better. Around you is a small circle of friends. All of those friends have different interests based on […]

Do you invest in your team?

Our work environments can be fast-paced, sometimes so fast that we forget to make our money work for us. If your focus is cash flow, your employees should have the same focus. This article will teach you how to invest in your team. Let’s start with the obvious how much time do you invest in […]

Why do you need accounting and bookkeeping services for your business?

Hiring a professional is as cost effective as the mistakes they can help you avoid. As a business owner, you’re responsible for everything. You’re hiring, interviewing, training, putting out fires, paying bills, researching the market, selling your product, developing a marketing plan, and finding time for your personal life. The truth is that something has […]