Accountability accountant, the smartest way to build wealth

This article will explain the best thing you can do for your financial health, to build long term wealth, whether you’re in business or growing personal wealth. Accountability is your best friend and the single most vital trait to have if you want to be successful with your money.

An accountability partner can help make challenges fun and exciting; you can encourage or compete. Accountability is the responsibility, and a partner enables you to share that burden, but it starts with eliminating your excuses. We all have reasons, we’re so good at telling stories that most of your excuses don’t sound like excuses; they sound like your narrative. Unless you change your narrative, you will continue to live the story that you tell yourself.

The point of having an accountability partner is to help you push your limits in the areas of personal development: Social, Emotion, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. When it comes to your finances, you should set weekly, monthly, yearly, and even quarterly goals. Your goals are broken into milestones, and three critical factors fall into your purpose, clarity, direction, and momentum.

The best way to filter your goals is through another person. You can test them or soundness and even ask for their assistance in defining your goals. When there is a social aspect attached to our achievements, we use our brains. Differently, we’re more likely to stick to our deadlines, make sure your goals have real deadlines and not fake ones. An actual deadline means that no matter what, even if the world ended, you would reach your goal. An artificial deadline is flexible, and we often forget about it.

There are many ways to build wealth, but the smartest move is one that aligns with your personality and behaviors. Instead of going against what you feel, go with the path of least resistance. The way of least resistance and comfort is different. It still requires that you act, otherwise you’re just relaxing.

The accountability accountant and wealth building

An accountability partner is your best bet for your money, the accountability accountant and wealth-building together are a force to reckon.  An accountability accountant is someone who helps you build real wealth, they’re different from a financial planner because they have much more knowledge.

Your accountant should have the ability to help you transform your business from within, by understanding what your financial activities mean and how they affect your long term goals. All of these are available to you, and I’m sure you’ve heard it before, “Can we do anything to cut this area?”

The question implies the accountant already knows expenses can be cut, but a good accountant already knows the answer, a great accountant won’t accept your answer. A great accountant is an accountability accountant, a partner that holds you to your financial goals because you and your money are in a relationship. You can choose how that relationship evolves, or it can grow by itself, I’ve never known any great relationship that didn’t exist without an investment.

The best investment you make is one that brings
a better future for your family and business.


When you’re not focused on results or problems, you can focus on training and teaching. All businesses can foster leaders in this aspect. However, how much time do you allow yourself for the proper development to occur?

Development takes time, and if you’re not freeing up more of yours, we need to figure out how. The more time you’re spending developing your business, the more it will grow. I know it seems simple, but when we multitask, we always lose productivity somewhere. When we focus, one thing gets our complete attention.

When our focus is consistent, we transcend our situations and find ourselves on a different adventure. Your accountability accountant will help you build and keep your wealth. If your accountant isn’t a positive influence on your financial health, we advise you to find one that is.

Part-time or full-time financial coach

Do you know the difference between a part-time or full-time financial coach? Most people are part-time employees, coaches, owners, people in general. We don’t advance our obstacles with tenacity and vigor. Instead, we inflate our obstacles and allow them to rule our lives.

A full-time financial coach is all in, committed to their success, and committed to yours. When it comes to our financial health, a financial coach should be full time, just like your accountant is an expert in accountability.

Training and teaching are high-quality skills that will continue into our future — the ability to train high-level skills in others and our ability to teach the unteachable. Consultants are personal trainers for the mind. You seek a personal trainer to help you achieve results that you haven’t yet completed. Maybe you have completed it, but times are different, and you haven’t reached the same results. An external push is what you need.

When you’re not focused on results or problems, you can focus on training and teaching. All businesses can foster leaders in this aspect. However, how much time do you allow yourself for the proper development to occur?

Development takes time, and if you’re not freeing up more of yours, we need to figure out how. The more time you’re spending developing your business, the more it will grow. I know it seems simple, but when we multitask, we always lose productivity somewhere. When we focus, one thing gets our complete attention.

Accountant or financial life coach

An accountant or financial life coach, which is the best for your situation, and what do they offer? Not everyone needs an accountant if you operate a business, you do, and if you want to get serious about wealth building, I recommend a personal accountant. There is nothing wrong with a financial planner. A financial planner is like a personal trainer, and they can help you get into shape. But an accountant is the head trainer that can train you for competitions, both can help you, but one can qualify you to compete on a professional level.

Accountants can give you systems and strategies to protect your income, generating income is only half of the equation. Many people work and have nothing to show for it, their money is spent on the lifestyle they’ve chosen, and with no systems to protect their wealth, they never build it.

Accounting is a necessity, not a luxury, your business will thank you for it.

A financial life coach is ready and equipped to help you with your habits. If you need to get started, a financial planner is perfect. They can help you build a budget to meet your business goals. Not everyone wants to play with the pros. I think most of us wish for some breathing room, in that case, a financial planner is perfect.

Here are nine reasons why you need a financial life coach.

How to win with accountability

The question isn’t if you need accountability, the question is how much do you need, Anguiano can show you how to win with responsibility. If you have an accountability accountant, the following tips will help you improve each other exponentially: frequent check-ins set clear expectations, choose someone that you trust and build trust, encourage each other, and finally do an assessment.

Frequent check-ins are great for momentum, and having another mind ensures you’re encouraging yourself. It’s easy to look at our progress, and because we aren’t where we want to be, feel discouraged or defeated. But growth is the goal, not perfection, and the check-ins allow you to direct your progress when your attention is not aligned.

Set clear expectations between you and your accountability accountant, if what we’re expecting isn’t discussed and clear, it can cause problems for you and your partner. We are disappointed when outcomes don’t play out how we think they will, even when we understand the result, expectations powerfully guide our emotions.

Trust is critical with your accountability partner because both of you will be outgrowing old patterns, identities, and habits. All of these are personal, and if you want to ignite real change, you’re going to expose personal things, trust is crucial because it opens the door for conversations surrounding growth.

Encouragement is a positive result of having an accountability partner, plus it feels great. When we give positive emotions to other people, we feel them, because to give them we must experience them. A positive accountability accountant can help keep your spirits high when the pressure is on.

Strategy is everything, here are five strategies to help you build operational cash flow.

My last tip is a self and partner assessment. It’s essential to revise your goals and deadlines. It’s also important to ask yourself if you and your partner have outgrown each other, you may need to find another accountability partner if you’ve both hit your peak.

On the other hand, if you’re continuing to challenge and grow together, keep winning. You should chase skills, not money, the money will come.

The successful accountability partner

The successful accountability partner is one that continues to adapt to life’s challenges. Most accountability partners fall out of touch with each other because life’s challenges get in the way. The financial changes you face in your business, and your life will continue to be challenging, but how you use these challenges will grow you or ruin you. If you want to reach success, you must learn to use your experience.

Each goal comes with experience, but it doesn’t come to us for free, it requires our time and attention. The more you focus your attention on success, the more your energy is directed into building a successful business and accomplishing your goals.

The most important factor between you and your accountability partner is the relationship, the depth of your relationship, and how you both nurture it is essential. It needs to be all in, both of you show up. Hold yourself accountable for accountability.

A wealth building strategy for winning

If you want a wealth-building strategy for winning, a two-fold approach helps secure your victory and build long term wealth. You should hire a financial life coach to help you reach short term goals quicker and build a solid foundation. It would help if you also spoke with an accountant about long term wealth.

A financial coach can help guide you through the financial habits that matter, identify any obstacles to your immediate business goals, and guide you through the pains of growth. You will meet resistance, but because it’s mostly internal, your financial life coach will help remove any friction preventing you from living the life of your dreams. It starts with a step, and you can only take the first one, but a coach will inspire you to jump.

If you’re building generational wealth, money that will last through you and your children, and their children. Generational wealth changes destiny and rewrites fate for the future of many, but it has to start with one. If you’re interested in improving your generations, you should speak with a seasoned accountant.

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An accountant is a team player that you need when you play the game of business, your business has needs, and I’m sure if Abraham Maslow analyzed how many he would have had a field day. Businesses need incorporation, accounting systems, administrative procedures, and specific files that need to be kept by the business owner.

The reason you want to hire an accountant is that the next level brings challenges but also opportunities. You need help navigating and recognizing these new opportunities.

Did you know we mainly see what we focus on? Often with such focus that we miss what we don’t focus on, our blindspots contain as much treasure as they do danger. Owning a business isn’t something we think about, but if we’re playing Monopoly, it’s a race to own the most houses and hotels.

Learn the fundamentals, this is what you need to know about the essentials of tax planning.

Business is no different, but instead of a race to compete, you’re competing against yourself to serve others. Instead of consuming and spending your time you’re choosing to create and invest, it’s a hard choice to leave comfort for suffering. It’s also hard to continue living without any misery, through our struggles, we build strength, that power gives us more control in our life.

What do you want to have more of, Freedom or Suffering, Control, or Confusion?

As easy as the choices seem, most of us choose suffering and confusion, we want to remain as a consumer and stay away from the game of business. If you have a team on your side, you should have nothing to fear. Your accountant is ready to tackle the financial problems you can’t.

The future will always be filled with uncertainty, hiring a team is like adding a card to your hand, instead of stretching yourself too far you can draw a few more cards. One mind can accomplish great things, but many minds can achieve the impossible.

Bottom line

A financial life coach can impact your financial situation and those around you, look at Dave Ramsey, Grant Cardone, and Robert Kiyosaki, each of them is financial life coaches. Their material has helped families perceive their money in a new way and invent new ways of creating income.

Your ability to leverage the resources you have will severely impact your future, some of us let life move us, and others go out to create it. If you’re not sure where to start, it’s always okay to ask for help. It’s not okay to pretend like you don’t care. It’s your life, we know you care about it, and we want to help you.

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